About Paul

Originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, Paul Cull worked as computer programmer / analyst for many years. At the end of 1992 he participated in a short-term trip to Brazil with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) and, as a result, returned to Brazil full-time in 1994.

After completing the Children At Risk school (then called Rescue and Restore) with YWAM in Belo Horizonte, Paul moved to Rio de Janeiro the following year to work in the morros (informal hillside communities). The following year he moved to the city of Nova Friburgo to volunteer with a drop-in centre for a at-risk young people. Following the closure of that project due to funding issues, he began the House of Hope Project in the morro of Cordoeira, which later became part of an international missionary movement.

After a brief time spent in the city of São Paulo, Paul returned to Nova Friburgo at the beginning of 2011 following the catastrophic landslides and floods in the region, and began to work full-time with Community Disaster Risk Management programmes. He founded CERT Brasil the following year.

Paul holds a Graduate Diploma in Emergency Management from Massey University, a Certified Emergency Manager qualification from the International Association of Emergency Managers, and has a completed a Master in Emergency Management degree, also through Massey.