CERT Brazil videos

I thought it could be helpful to record some short videos showing some of the adaptions and modifications that we made to the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training course here in Brazil. Unfortunately the quality of the videos isn't that great, however I hope that could be of use to those who are adapting the standard CERT course for use in different cross-cultural applications.

These videos are on my Youtube channel, however here some links and brief explanations as well.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In this first video I show the Personal Protective Equipment that we have been using for both training and for our response team, and explain the reasons behind some of choices in equipment.

Unit 1: Disaster Preparedness

In this video I discuss the changes that we made to the practical activities in the first CERT training unit which covers disaster preparedness.

Unit 2: Fire Safety

Here I talk about the second CERT unit, fire safety and utility controls, and show some of the equipment that we use, including our home-made fire extinguisher training system.

Unit 3: Disaster Medical Operations 1

In this video I discuss the third CERT unit, which is Disaster Medical Operations, and the equipment that we use and the changes that we have made to provide a more hands-on training experience for our students, many of whom have not had any previous first aid training.

Unit 4: Disaster Medical Operations 2

Here I discuss CERT unit 4, Disaster Medical Operations 2, and show how we have attempted to make this module as "hands-on" as possible and some of the training equipment that we use for this.

Unit 5: Light Search and Rescue

In this last video I show the equipment that we use in CERT Unit 5, Light Search and Rescue, and some of the changes that we have made in order to make the training both safer and more interactive.

These videos show some of the techniques and equipment that we have developed over the years as I have been teaching the CERT and Teen CERT courses to adults and young people in the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil since 2003.






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