Leaving Brazil

On the 26th of February I left Brazil, almost exact 24 years after I first arrived as a missionary in March of 1994.

Although I had visited New Zealand a number times since then, I am now officially no longer living in Brazil. However, the work with young people in the suburb of Cordoeira is continuing, and I do plan to visit in June on my way to Puerto Rico.

For the next few months I will be studying for a Master in Emergency Management through Massey University.

CERT disaster simulation in Petrópolis

On the 17th of December I organized a CERT simulated disaster exercise with the help of two members of our Teen CERT group for the three CERT teams that I had previously trained in the city of Petrópolis - RJ. This project was undertaken in  partnernship with the "Fortalecendo a Resiliência" (Strengthening Resilience) Project of the Instituto Fontes, with backing from the C & A Foundation and Save The Children and took place in the suburb of Morin.

Here are a few photos from the course.

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First aid course for city school directors

Today I had the opportunity to give a short first aid lesson to a group of around 50 school directors representing the 18,000 primary school children in the city's public school network. Fortunately it went very well, and I should have some further courses coming up within the schools within the near future.

Here are some photos of the course, and of Bob the Rescue Manikin (who proved to be the star of the show and the subject of a number of selfie requests at the end of it!).

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Trip to Rio's Air Force and Naval musuems

Today I was able to take three of the teens from our group to visit the Air Force Aerospace Musuem and the Navy Cultural Centre in Rio de Janeiro city, a 150 km drive from our city, Nova Friburgo. In addition to seeing a number of aircraft at the aeorspace musuem, we were also able to visit a Navy battleship and submarine, and to see inside a SH3 Sea King helicopter.

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Easter Maze 2017

Our teens' group helped me put together an Easter Maze in our former church for local children from our community. We had some fifty kids and four adults take the half-hour guided tour through the maze, in ten groups, over the Easter holiday period and it was wonderful to see how many were understanding the timeless message of the Gospel, and of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our teenagers were a great help as they operated the maze with its videos, sound track and smoke machine, and helped organize the kids and the distribution of chocolate and Easter eggs to them after their visit.

Here are some photos of the maze, there is also a video available for registered users of this site.

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From the 22nd of February to the 10th of March I travelled to the city of Porto Alegre, in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, where I ministered at a Foursquare church youth camp with around 300 participants. I also had the opportunity to minister six times at different churches. It was wonderful to the see the move of the Holy Spirit throughout this time.

Here are a couple of photos from my trip.

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At the Olympics
Thanks to a generous donation from the US, I was able to take two of our teens to Rio to watch the Kiwi's take on the Brits in the Olympic Rugby Sevens. Since the Kiwis ending up losing, the highlight of the day had to be when Wellington caught a stray rugby ball that the Japanese sent flying into our part of the stands.

Here are some photos from today:

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Uberlândia - MG

I've had a wonderful time here in Uberlandia with the Central Methodist church, after flying up from Rio on Friday, and have ministered four times, with one more opportunity at another Methodist church tonight.Over the last few days we've seen a couple of physical healing, including partial restoration of eyesight, and many wonderful manifestations of the Holy Spirit's presence.

I have an early flight back to São Paulo tomorrow morning, then on to Rio, and should get back home in Friburgo mid to late afternoon.

Londrina - PR

I am now back in Friburgo after having spent the last few days in the city of Londrina ("little London") in the southern state of Paraná with some friends from New Zealand. It was also great to be able to spend some time with Mike Shea, the leader of a worship and intercession ministry known as Casa de Daví.

I'm now back in Friburgo after spending that weekend ministering with a church in Belo Horizonte. There were very powerful moves of the Spirit on the Saturday and Sunday nights. There have been very few times I have seen so many children and teens so powerfully touched by the Spirit, as well as the adults.

I had been scheduled to fly to and from Belo Horizonte, but a very late airport bus meant that I missed my flight out (and the airlines thoughfully cancelled my flight back). However, I was able to take a bus to and from the city, a 12 hour ride each way.

I had a wonderful time over the Carnival holiday period ministering at two camps with the Pentecostal Church of God in greater Belo Horizonte, MG.

There were around 120 people at the Eldorado church's camp, where I stayed in a tent from Friday to Tuesday, and I had the opportunity to minister twice. On the Sunday morning there was a wonderful move of the Holy Spirit among the children and teens, and on the Monday evening it was awesome to see the powerful move of the Spirit, with many people being visibly touched by His Presence and with one man testifying of healing of an ongoing back problem.

On the Tuesday night I ministered at another church's camp, with around 50 people participating and a good number of teenagers present. Once again there was a wonderful move of the Spirit, and after the meeting three teenagers told me that they had never felt His presence in such a way before.

Back from an amazing weekend at a Congregational church in Barra Mansa RJ. It was very intense - I ministered Friday night, Saturday morning, afternoon, and evening but very cool, with powerful moves of the Spirit among the young people. There were around 300 present at the meeting last night and a number of people reporting healings, especially of back and wrist pain.

It has been a wonderful time here in Ourinhos - SP ministering the Seeking True Revival seminar, and I have been so blessed to see how Jesus has been pouring out His Spirit upon us. It was really neat to see the younger kids being powerfully touched by the Father's love last night, and to hear some of the testimonies of the awesome things that He has been doing.

This afternoon I start the long series of bus rides back to Friburgo - it took me 18 hours to get here, but as I couldn't get a direct bus back from SP to Friburgo the return trip may take a little longer. Thanks for your prayers!

Nova Friburgo February 2014


Its now been just over three years since Nova Friburgo became the epicentre for Brazils worst ever natural disaster, when heavy rainfall caused landslides and flooding that killed an offical total of just under one thousand victims. Although there have been some signs of progress since then, many of the scars from that time period still remain. Today I took some photos around town to illustrate an article that I am writing for an emergency management publication, and I thought it could be interesting to also share some of them here.

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Civil Defence Simulated Evacuation Exercise Granja Spinelli

Yesterday our Crisis Response Unit, together with some of the teenagers that we trained in the Teen CERT program, participated in a city-wide Civil Defence evacuation simulation. Our team of ten responders, with the help of another eleven local Teen-CERT members, helped in the suburb of Granja Spinelli where the siren was activated and the local school was opened as a temporary evacuation point.

It was great to see how our teams worked so well together with the local authorities and other responders from the Red Cross and military.

Here are some photos from yesterday's exercise.

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Over the weekend I ministered at a conference run by a Renewed Presbyterian church in the city of Anápolis - GO, in central Brazil. There was a good turnout over the weekend, with several churches participating, and I ministered on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening meetings.

There were wonderful moves of the Holy Spirit in all three meetings, and we able to pray for healing for many people on the Sunday evening, and a number testified to healing during the prayer time.

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Teresópolis flooding and landslides - Easter 2012


We all thought that this year's rainy season, with the risk of flooding and landslides, had well and truly passed by the start of April. However, on Good Friday, the 6th, we had unusually heavy rainfall here in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro state, especially in the cities of Nova Friburgo and Teresópolis. In Friburgo we had some surface flooding, but fortunately no serious landslides, however Teresópolis was badly hit with both flooding downtown and landslides in some of the hillside communities.

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Youth camp, Minas Gerais state - February 17-21 2012


Over the Carnaval period, I ministered at a camp for teens and youth for a church in the city of Contagem, Minas Gerais. Despite staying for four days in the tiny tent that I had purchased last year but never tried (and which can't possible really be two metres long, as the packing states!), it was a great time, and we had some wonderful meetings in the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit. I also preached at the church on the Wednesday night, and there was another cool move of the Spirit.

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CRU deployment to Além Paraí­ba - 14 January 2012

This Saturday, the 14th of January, three members of our Crisis Response Unit, including myself, visited the city of Além Paraíba, in the neighbour state of Minas Gerais, together with a team from the Nova Friburgo Red Cross chapter. We took supplies of food, water and other donations, and also visited a shelter for victims of the recent floods and landslides there.

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Four Square childrens' leaders' conference in Manaus

From the 6th to the 8th of October, I ministered at a conference for childrens' and pre-teens' leaders with the Four Square church, in Manaus, in the Amazon. I arrived on the Friday afternoon, and ministered six times before flying back down to São Paulo on the Sunday night. It was great to be able to minister to these leaders, and to see the Holy Spirit moved during the ministry times.


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Wake Up The Warriors seminar, Carapicuiba - São Paulo


On Friday and Saturday, I ministered the Wake Up The Warriors seminar to youth and adults at a small church in the city of Carapicuiba, São Paulo. It was rather intensive, as I ministered on Friday night, Saturday morning and afternoon, and we finished on Saturday night, however the seminar was very well received and there were powerfully moves of the Holy Spirit during the ministry times.

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Four Square conference Cuiabá - MT


Over the last weekend I ministered at the second phase of the national Foursquare church conference for childrens' and pre-teens' leaders, in the city of Cuiabá, in the state of Mato Grosso. I flew up on the Thursday (via the capital Brasilia) and back this Monday.

During the conference I preached on the Friday and Saturday nights, and also led two workshops, one on the Saturday and the other on Sunday morning. It was great to see leaders touched powerfully by the Holy Spirit, and to hear so many wonderful testimonies.

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CEIFAR Bible School - Pequi - MG


I spent from Sunday to Friday last week with a ministry called CEIFAR which runs a Bible school in the city of Pequi, in Minas Gerais state. I ministered most of the contents of the Wake Up The Warriors seminar.

There were wonderful moves of the Holy Spirit, and one morning I didn't get to minister the seminar as we continued all morning with free-flowing worship, words and visions, prayer and even some public confession of sin. It truly was a revival-like setting!

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Viamão - RS


This weekend I spent three days in the city of Viamão em Rio Grande do Sul, southern Brazil, where I ministered the Wake Up The Warriors seminar, and also ministered at a Iris Ministries church in nearby Porto Alegre.

Here are some photos from the Seminar:

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Ourinhos - SP

This last weekend I visited a church in the city of Ourinhos, in the southern part of São Paulo state. I ministered at the church on the Saturday and Sunday evenings, and also at a local prison, boys' orphanage and mental health facility - it was wonderful to see the way the Holy Spirit manifested His presence, touching so many precious lives.

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Wake Up The Warriors Seminar - Contagem MG

Hi all,

Over the Carnaval time I ministered the Wake Up The Warriors seminar at a church camp in Contagem - Minas Gerais. There were around 70 people present, mostly teens and young people, and it was a wonderful time. I ministered on the Saturday evennig, Sunday and Monday mornings and evenings, and then on the Tuesday morning, which was free time, the young folk wanted another prayer time.

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Pre-teens' camp 22-23 January

After an overnight bus trip from Friburgo to São Paulo on the Thursday night, I flew to the southern city of Caxias do Sul, where I preached that night in a nearby city of São Marcos.

The following two days (Saturday and Sunday) were spent ministering at a pre-teens' camp for the Four Square church. I then preached on the Sunday night, Monday afternoon and Monday night before flying back to São Paulo today, Tuesday.

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I decided to get up early today, my first day back in São Paulo, get my car checked out and serviced after it's three-month hibernate, buy some needed supplies for Friburgo, purchase a 3G internet plan and hit the road by about lunch-time.

A great plan! However, thinks didn't quite work out that way.

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