Trip to Rio's Air Force and Naval musuems

Today I was able to take three of the teens from our group to visit the Air Force Aerospace Musuem and the Navy Cultural Centre in Rio de Janeiro city, a 150 km drive from our city, Nova Friburgo. In addition to seeing a number of aircraft at the aeorspace musuem, we were also able to visit a Navy battleship and submarine, and to see inside a SH3 Sea King helicopter.

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Here are a couple of photos of Kevin and Marlon trying out the software that I have written and installed on our two working computers: Kevin was testing his English vocabulary whilst Marlon was doing some times tables.

The software, which I started writing on Sunday and is over 2,000 lines of Visual Basic code, ensures that the teens do some schoolwork revision before they get to use the games or internet.

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Easter Maze 2017

Our teens' group helped me put together an Easter Maze in our former church for local children from our community. We had some fifty kids and four adults take the half-hour guided tour through the maze, in ten groups, over the Easter holiday period and it was wonderful to see how many were understanding the timeless message of the Gospel, and of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our teenagers were a great help as they operated the maze with its videos, sound track and smoke machine, and helped organize the kids and the distribution of chocolate and Easter eggs to them after their visit.

Here are some photos of the maze, there is also a video available for registered users of this site.

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