I'm now back in Friburgo after spending that weekend ministering with a church in Belo Horizonte. There were very powerful moves of the Spirit on the Saturday and Sunday nights. There have been very few times I have seen so many children and teens so powerfully touched by the Spirit, as well as the adults.

I had been scheduled to fly to and from Belo Horizonte, but a very late airport bus meant that I missed my flight out (and the airlines thoughfully cancelled my flight back). However, I was able to take a bus to and from the city, a 12 hour ride each way.
Teen group hike

Today I took some our teens hiking up a nearby mountain (I survived!).

While on our climb back down the mountain the teens found and buried a blue parakeet, which seemed to have died of natural causes. Sorry kids, I guess that means that that there won't be any more Rio movies!

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