Leaving Brazil

On the 26th of February I left Brazil, almost exact 24 years after I first arrived as a missionary in March of 1994.

Although I had visited New Zealand a number times since then, I am now officially no longer living in Brazil. However, the work with young people in the suburb of Cordoeira is continuing, and I do plan to visit in June on my way to Puerto Rico.

For the next few months I will be studying for a Master in Emergency Management through Massey University.

I thought it could be helpful to record some short videos showing some of the adaptions and modifications that we made to the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training course here in Brazil. Unfortunately the quality of the videos isn't that great, however I hope that could be of use to those who are adapting the standard CERT course for use in different cross-cultural applications.

These videos are on my Youtube channel, however here some links and brief explanations as well.

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