Nova Friburgo one month after the tragedy

Today, which marks the one month aniversary of the rains, floods and landslides which have killed at least 890 people in the Região Serrana of Rio de Janeiro, I visited some areas nearby the city of Nova Friburgo which have been devasted. My visit, with some members of the CERT team that I trained here in Friburgo, was primarily so that we could take some photos that would help enhance further CERT training course.

I was amazed at the destruction that we encountered so close to the city center.

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A young Brazilian man, whom I have known for many years and in whom I have the highest confidence, visited the suburb of Caleme in Teresópolis this week as part of his work. He visited four different people in Caleme, also a nurse who had worked in disaster relief in the two worst hit areas of Caleme and Campo Grande, and, in total, spoke to around thirty people in the Teresópolis area.

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Friburgo - 4th of February

Today I've been preparing for the upcoming Community Emergency Response Team</a> refresher course which I will run for some of the folk here in Friburgo who I've previously trained in first aid and rescue (I founded and led an Iris Ministries church here in Cordoeira for nearly eight years, before moving to São Paulo  in 2009 to found a ministry called Avivamento Já).

Anyway, as part of this preparation we took some photos of houses in the suburb of Cordoeira which were destroyed during the landslide (although, with two reported deaths this suburb got off lightly compared to many others).

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Visit to Caleme - Teresópolis

Yesterday (31 de January) Trina Simpson, Leonardo Baptista and myself visited the suburb of Caleme, in the neighbouring city of Teresópolis, which had been the cited as being the location of a story of 16 flood victims being raised from the dead by a team of Americans, accompanied by forged newspaper front page as "proof".

Since the story was first reported on the Bethel Church's iBethel.Org site, and also on the Healing Herald site and Facebook page, it has been repeated through many other Christian sites and blogs, and widely dstributed through email messages. As I explained in previous blog posts, the story contained many contradiction that raised the suspisions of myself and others here in Brazil.

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