Car accident

I came across a one car crash on my way back from the shops this afternoon. Fortunately, a nurse was taking care of the driver so I didn't have to do anything except hand her the gloves from my first aid key ring.

I was very impressed with the no-fuss Kiwi way that the paramedic, ambulance, two fire trucks and two cop cars all arrived on the scene, but then I remembered that it is Sunday afternoon in Christchurch and they didn't need to use their sirens are there are almost no cars on the road!

I had an unexpected visit to the US in mid October, from the 10th through to the 21st. Most of this time was spent with the Iris Global base at Abiline - Texas, where we were working on possibly developed a disaster response missions training and sending centre. I was also able to train one person as a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program Manager during this time.

I also had the opportunity to visit the Austin Disaster Relief Network in the centre of Austin - TX, which is an amazing networking of over 170 churches that work together in disaster preparedness and response. We also visited some ministries in Houston before I fly back to Brazil on the 20th, arriving in Rio on the 21st.

The trip was an unexpected but very worthwhile experience.

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Teens' group meeting and party

We had a meeting of our teens' group tonight and a surprise party, partly to celebrate Brazilian Childrens' Day, which is next Wednesday, and partly as a social activity as we probably won't have a chance to have another meeting until I get back from New Zealand in mid-December.

It was also an opportunity for six of our teenagers to receive their new ranks within our group structure, including Kevin who is the first member of the group to be awarded the Junior Commander rank.

Turnout was less than expected, which was not doubt due, at least in part, to a shooting (death) that happened here in the hillside last night, and the environment here which feels like we are in a state of siege at the moment. Neverless, the meeting went very well and the party was a great success.

Here are some photos from our meeting tonight.

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