In Auckland

I arrived up here in Auckland on Friday, and ministered that evening at the youth group of the Southside Vineyard church. It was a great time with these precious young people and there was a neat move of the Holy Spirit. On Sunday morning I ministered at the Southside Vineyard's church meeting and, once again, it was wonderful how the Holy Spirit manifested His presence.

On Sunday afternoon I ministered at a youth group of the Harbour Christian City Church on the North Shore. It was a very special group, many fairly young in the faith, and due to the size of the group we ministered on the wooden deck in front of the interns' house. There was a wonderful move of the Holy Spirit and many were powerfully touched, with a number resting under His power. Several reported seeing visions while in His presence.

I am very excited by what I have seen so far, and looking forward to the Wake Up The Warriors seminar, the first to be ministered in English, that will be starting on Thursday night at the Te Atatu Baptist church.


Written by : Administrator