The Grinch that Stole Boxing Day

The Grinch that Stole Boxing Day

After a month of no seismic activity, I was rudely awakened at 2 am this morning by a strong aftershock, followed by another at 2:30. Since then we have had over 25 aftershocks today, mostly in the 3 - 4.5 range, the largest of which was a 4.9 at 10:30 during church. Most of these shocks have been felt quite strongly due to their shallow depth (most 2 to 5 kms) and the fact that they have been directly under the city.

Nate and I went to make the most of Boxing Day sales but discovered some shops closed, due to the aftershocks, with fresh damage around and parts of the central city cordon off by the police.

Boxing Day, it seems, has been officially postponed until tomorrow...


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