More photos from around Christchurch

Here are a couple more photos that I took yesterday around Christchurch.



I decided to visit Whitcoulls - a large bookstore and stationary shop in the centre of town that I remember from my childhood, but discovered that the building was damaged in the Boxing Day aftershock.


Shouldn't the part "Do not approach... this building" be in bigger letters?


The money machine (and the ASB bank beside Whitcoulls) are also out of action.

The Arts Centre


I heard that the tower was actually rotated a little during the earthquake - that's probably the reason why it is now sitting on the ground.

Christchurch Museum


Dinosaurs are always cool.


Yes, that is Santa in the back of this diarama. In fact, there were a bunch of them throughout the museum.


There was an exhibition of paintings about the modern NZ army. All of the usually hotspots were shown: Afghanistan, Timor, the Solomon Islands, Sydenham (Christchurch).


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