Back in São Paulo

I decided to get up early today, my first day back in São Paulo, get my car checked out and serviced after it's three-month hibernate, buy some needed supplies for Friburgo, purchase a 3G internet plan and hit the road by about lunch-time.

A great plan! However, thinks didn't quite work out that way.

First off, the neighbour who'd offered to turn my car over while I was away (so that I didn't disconnect the battery like I was going to), hadn't done it for a very long time and the car wouldn't start. Not even trying with jumper leads from his car, although it did show some signs of life it wouldn't turn over.

No problem, my car insurance policy has 24 hour techical assistance. The guy came soon enough, but didn't seem to be able to get his recharging machine working (it keeps making an alarm noise and giving F1 and F3 errors, whatever that means), nor did his jumper leads seem to work. He finally took the battery out of his van, but it was too big for the space in my car and also didn't seem to work. He had now left my car in a worse state than when he arrived, with no signs of electrical life.

He then found that he had activated the alarm on his van and it wouldn't start either, and told me that he would need to call two tow trucks - one for my car, the other for his van. However, after some more tinkering around, he got his van working again, and left me waiting for the tow truck.

When the tow truck came, I explained the situation and he tried his recharging machine - my car started straight away. He checked the voltages, told me that it was recharging normally and to leave it running for an hour.

After a good hour I turned the engine off but it wouldn't start again. Realizing that my battery was obviously shot, I went out on foot looking for someone who could sell me a battery and bring it around and install it. The first two shops couldn't help but after asking at a garage I found a third one which agreed to drop the battery off at my house by motorbike - I was then able to swap it out myself.

I then took my car for a needed lube and oil change and also to another eletrician to find out why my heater is stuck on - he told me that it will need a part that he doesn't have but that I can travel ok like that.

After spending a good hour in the shop to get a 3G internet connection, and then buying a car load of supplies for Friburgo, I was finally ready to eat for the first time today (since I had nothing in the house) at around 6 pm.

As it was then too late to safely drive the 9 hours to Friburgo, I have decided to wait until the morning.

At least my car works and I finally have internet (which keeps crashing for some reason).


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