Friburgo - 4th of February

Friburgo - 4th of February

Today I've been preparing for the upcoming Community Emergency Response Team</a> refresher course which I will run for some of the folk here in Friburgo who I've previously trained in first aid and rescue (I founded and led an Iris Ministries church here in Cordoeira for nearly eight years, before moving to São Paulo  in 2009 to found a ministry called Avivamento Já).

Anyway, as part of this preparation we took some photos of houses in the suburb of Cordoeira which were destroyed during the landslide (although, with two reported deaths this suburb got off lightly compared to many others).

Here are some photos from previous CERT training courses in Friburgo. I ministered this course to teens and young people from about 2002 until around 2009, and as I look back now at these photos, I wonder how many lives were saved by this training, offering without official support and paid for out of my own pocket. Maybe in some small way I had been sent to help prepare a small part of the city's population for the mudslides which were to be Brazil's largest ever natural disaster.

I've heard some wonderful testimonies of how this training came in handy  during the disaster, which I hope to write down or film before I go back to São Paulo.


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