Visit to Caleme - Teresópolis

Visit to Caleme - Teresópolis

Yesterday (31 de January) Trina Simpson, Leonardo Baptista and myself visited the suburb of Caleme, in the neighbouring city of Teresópolis, which had been the cited as being the location of a story of 16 flood victims being raised from the dead by a team of Americans, accompanied by forged newspaper front page as "proof".

Since the story was first reported on the Bethel Church's iBethel.Org site, and also on the Healing Herald site and Facebook page, it has been repeated through many other Christian sites and blogs, and widely dstributed through email messages. As I explained in previous blog posts, the story contained many contradiction that raised the suspisions of myself and others here in Brazil.

 However, as no offical retractions or explanations have been offered by those sources that originally sent out this story, and it continues to be spread through the internet, we decided that a trip to Caleme would offer proof as to the veracity - or otherwise - of this supposed miracle.

The destruction that we encountered as we arrived in Caleme and environs was truly horrific. As these photos show, the worst damage occured in a upper-class settlement further away from the Caleme centre, where many residents were killed as their houses were destroyed by a sea of mud and rocks.

We made contact with the National Security Force, who are patroling the area, and they took us to the school from where the community support is being administered. Talking to the coordinator of the operation, we confirmed that no foreign teams were in Calume during or after the disaster.


5 February: I reworded this article a little in a desire to show a little more grace as I don't want to hurt or offend anybody.

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