CEIFAR Bible School - Pequi - MG

CEIFAR Bible School - Pequi - MG


I spent from Sunday to Friday last week with a ministry called CEIFAR which runs a Bible school in the city of Pequi, in Minas Gerais state. I ministered most of the contents of the Wake Up The Warriors seminar.

There were wonderful moves of the Holy Spirit, and one morning I didn't get to minister the seminar as we continued all morning with free-flowing worship, words and visions, prayer and even some public confession of sin. It truly was a revival-like setting!

On the Wednesday night and Thursday morning I taught the five-step healing model and the students prayed for each other. We saw a number of healings including two backs healed (one straightened out, in the other movement returned and pain left), an arm where movement returned and a swollen toe which stopped hurting and the swelling went down, among others. Jesus is so awesome!

On the Friday morning I ministered at a rehabilation home, and there were was a sweet move of the Father's love among the men.

Here are some photos from my time in Pequi.


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