The supposed Caleme resurrections finally debunked

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Yesterday marked six months since the terrible floods and landslides in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, that killed over 950 people and left more than 35,000 homeless, principally in the towns of Nova Friburgo and Teresópolis, and surrounding townships. Sadly, Christian sites are still carrying the news that an American team supposedly resurrected sixteen flood victims in Caleme, Teresópolis, on the 15th of January, although this story has been more than dispoven by now.

During my recent trip to Friburgo last month, I decided to visit Caleme and record the experience on video, so that those who want to know the facts will have the opportunity to see that there is no way that such an event could have happened in Caleme, without any confirming evidence having come to light over the last six months.

It's taken me a while to get the video roughly edited, due to my other commitments, and of course it's no work of art. I'm especially aware that the sound quality isn't that great, yet I hope that it may be of use to finally dispell any remaining myths.

Finally, I want to once again state that I do not wish to attack any people or ministries, and that I hold Bethel Church (with whom this story apparently originated) in the highest esteem and admiration; however I do believe it is time that we finally laid this fable to rest.

Link to my video on YouTube

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