It's over: the Caleme Resurrection story has finally been retracted


I've just got back from an amazing and exhausting weekend in Cuiabá - MT, central Brazil, where I ministered to children's and pre-teens leaders, and also in a church - I hope to post about this soon.

However. while I was away, several people forwarded me an email message, that was apparently sent out around last Friday, the 22nd, by the couple who were first involved in sending out the supposed testimony (and I must say that I really honour and respect them for the way they have been so honest in sending out this retraction, and pray that the Lord will be with them in a special way as they walk through the aftermath of this unfortunate situation).

Friends and loved ones,

You are free to send the body of this email to anyone you'd like. In fact, we encourage you to send it to everyone who may have been previously informed about this story because we want the truth to be released. We simply ask that our email addresses remain confidential (which you can accomplish by copying everything below this paragraph and pasting into a new message). Please do NOT forward this email because our email addresses will remain in the header

Back in January, we released a story about a nurse friend of ours who was part of a team that traveled to Brazil on a medical missions trip and raised 16 people from the dead. At the time, we had every reason to believe the story was true because (like many of you) we are actively involved in a culture where the supernatural activities of God are a normal part of everyday life. Furthermore, we had been her pastors in San Francisco for over 10 years, had begun to interact over Facebook with other members of 'the team', and asked some of her other friends and pastors in SF for character references (which simply seemed like a wise thing to do given the nature of the story).

In releasing the story, we had every intention of bringing glory to God while protecting the anonymity of the team (who, we were told, were fearful that their medical licenses would be jeopardized should their names be associated with such a fantastic miracle story). It all made sense to us at the time. We are still going to protect the identity of our nurse friend (however, now for very different reasons - read on).

Late last week, we discovered some troubling information about her that casts a huge shadow of doubt over the Brazil dead raising story and everything she's shared with us since we met her 12 years ago. This news came as a shock to us and to our friends in San Francisco who thought they knew her well. Essentially she has been lying to us about a great many things (her job, her credentials, her travels and missions work, her association with prominent world leaders, etc). She created fake Facebook profiles for all the members of 'the Brazil team' and was personally managing them (fake check ins, wall posts, photoshopped pics and other pics downloaded from the internet and fake stories written about them). She had given each 'person' a different role on 'the team' and distinct personalities and managed them so well that they came to life for us. For months we have been interacting daily with many members of the team over email and FB (encouraging them, praying for them, giving them prophetic words), thinking all along that they were unique individuals with whom we had become very close. The deception was elaborate, and we've been deeply wounded by this revelation. Earlier this week, all those profiles were deactivated/disabled at the same time (presumably by her).

We have amassed a great deal of evidence that we've made available to Bethel Church leaders since our nurse friend had personally met with several of them and since Bethel's name was linked to the original story. We also released this evidence to a small group of friends from San Francisco who are in the best position to help her. We are NOT planning to release this information to the general public as it would only serve to defame our friend, and that is not our intention.

Why has she done this? we aren't completely sure. We think it's in response to a painful break up she experienced last Christmas or possibly something much deeper.

We've confronted her in love with the guidance of a licensed Christian psychologist and assembled a small team of her close friends in SF to support and encourage her to receive professional help. Unfortunately, at this time, she's not admitting to any lies/deception, and she's cut us off. We still love her very much, want to see her whole, and continue to reach out to her. Given her current condition and need for healing, we will not be releasing her name. There was so much controversy regarding the initial release of the story that revealing her name would draw attention that would undermine every effort to see her whole. We hope someday, when she's ready, that she will choose to take responsibility for her actions and publicly apologize.

Please accept our humblest apologies for our involvement in this story. We are so deeply sorry for the people that have been led astray or hurt. We have learned a very valuable lesson: Believe in the supernatural, trust your friends, but still do adequate due diligence (i.e. fact checking) when a story seems too good to be true.

We believe in a great God who does amazing miracles, even if this one was a fabrication.


I find it interesting that this has all come to light since the video of my trip to Caleme was posted on the 13th of this month - although, of course. this could be merely coincidence.

The Healing Herald site</a> has likewise posted a retraction, stating that their investigation is now complete (although, personally, I'd love to know just what "investigation" this was!):

Our investigation into this story has come to an end and, sadly due to some recent information, we have to retract this story. It seems it has been a fabrication from the beginning. Please be aware that we do our best to check every story as much as possible and that no hurt is ever intended, however we apologize for any hurt by implication and or misinformation printed on this website.

As far as I can see, there doesn't appear to be any update on the Bethel church site, besides the statement that was issued back in February.

Anyway, praise God, finally this sad story is over, and the truth has been told, and the nurse at the centre of this tale has the opportunity to receive help and healing.

Here in Brazil, of course, multitudes of people remain without their homes, and in critical need in Rio's mountainous region, and we now need to prepare for the next rainy season, which will probably begin in December.

Bless you all,


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