Four Square conference Cuiabá - MT

Four Square conference Cuiabá - MT


Over the last weekend I ministered at the second phase of the national Foursquare church conference for childrens' and pre-teens' leaders, in the city of Cuiabá, in the state of Mato Grosso. I flew up on the Thursday (via the capital Brasilia) and back this Monday.

During the conference I preached on the Friday and Saturday nights, and also led two workshops, one on the Saturday and the other on Sunday morning. It was great to see leaders touched powerfully by the Holy Spirit, and to hear so many wonderful testimonies.

I also preached at the Foursquare church in Cuiabá, which is the headquarters for the state of Mato Grossso, on both Sunday morning and evening. In both meetings there were wonderful moves of the Holy Spirit, with many being powerfully touched, and what appeared to be some physical healings.

Here are some photos from the conference.



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