CRI Training, Big Bear Lake, CA - USA

CRI Training, Big Bear Lake, CA - USA


I spent from the 13th to the 20th of August at Bear Lake, in Southern California, at an altitude of some 8,000 feet, where I helped train some 250 Christian volunteers for disaster response with Crisis Response International. I was a unit leader, responsible for four teams of trainees and co-leader of the Yellow Unit, and although it was a very intense time (as trained responders we slept in tents and even had a bear visit our campsite overnight), it was also wonderful to see both the practical training and the wonderful times that we had in the presence of the Holy Spirit, especially during our worship and prayer meetings.

We have also been able to arrange me to start a Brazilian Crisis Response Unit, as part of CRI International, when I return to Brazil next month – I have found a small place to rent in Friburgo and plan on spending the next three or four months there to help prepare for the rainy season.

Here are some photos from Big Bear.


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