Rechargeable flashlights that aren't...

You never know just what you'll uncover when find yourself with something that's "broken", a Philips' screwdriver and a little bit of time on your hand.

Because of our work with volunteer rescue teamsI was pleased to find that there two models of rechargeable flashlights (torches) here in Brazil, that are both quite cheap and often easily available. Both of them come with a dynamo that is supposed to recharge the internal battery.

This is the model that we purchased for the CERT teams that we trained in Teresópolis and Nova Friburgo:


This is another model, somewhat more expensive, which I had purchased for myself at the local Casa e Video department store:


Here you can see the dynamo mechanism from the first flashlight:


We had a couple of duds from our team supplies, and, acting on a hunch and a rumour that I had read on the internet, I decided to pull apart one of these flashlights. This is what it looks like disassembled:

All looks apparently in order - at least, to a layman such as myself, I don't see any hidden batteries.


But, wait, what's inside that suspicious looking round gismo just behind the LEDs? Let's take that cap off..


There we have it... three AG10 1.5 volt, most definitely not rechargeable batteries, actually power this thing!


And so, the lie of the ""rechargeable flashlight"" is exposed for all to see!


Flushed by the success of my detective work (and thoroughly hacked off at the evil souls who had conned us all with this elaborate deception), I decided to take my trusty Philip's screwdriver to one of my more-expensive ""rechargeable"" flashlights that had also inexplicibly died.


Having opened it, I breathed a sigh of relief. At least there was nowhere to hid a couple of watch batteries in this one!


I was so pleased to see that at least one of my rechargeable flashlights looked like it really was what the advertising had claimed it to be!


But, wait, what's the piece of black rubber doing? Is it some kind of clever rechargeable battery? Let's pull it out to see...


Nope, it's a clever way to hid a pair of CR1220 3 volt, non-rechargeable watch batteries!


So there we have it - another rechargeable flashlight that isn't!

It just goes to show that you can't believe any advertising you read these days!


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