Prior to rePaul teaching a CERT courseturning to New Zealand in February 2018 to commence full-time study for a Master in Emergency Management through Massey University, Paul served as a Christian missionary in Brazil since 1994, primarily ministering with at-risk young people. In 1996 Paul started working in an underprivileged community in the city of Nova Friburgo, in the State of Rio de Janeiro. He founded the House of Project, which ministered to local teenagers and their families, becoming part of the Iris Global family in 2012. Paul also pastored the Partners in Harvest church in Nova Friburgo until 2009, when his itinerant ministry to the Brazilian church led him to move to the city of São Paulo.

Following tragic flooding and landslides in the region of Nova Friburgo in early 2011, which became Brazil’s worst natural disaster, Paul returned to the city to work with recovery operations. This lead to him focussing on disaster relief missions, and he founded CERT Brazil which has taught the Community Emergency Response Team training in Brazil. He also trained, deployed and ministered with the Christian disaster response ministries Crisis Response International and Iris Relief, and has worked with secular NGOs, including the Red Cross, Care International and Save The Children in Brazil, the United States and New Zealand.

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